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Kamari, Beachresort

If it is a summer resort you are looking for on Santorini, then Kamari is the place to be.
Kamari, beachresort
The village Kamari
Santorini has magnificent beaches, created by the volcano. Here, where the sand is black, red, or white, the sea is deep blue and crystal clear.
The black sandy beach of Kamari, at least two kilometers in lenght and awarded with the Blue Flag, is the main attraction. You can hire sun beds and umbrella's. For your safety beach lifeguards are patrolling the area. Excursions are made in summer to the nearby island of Anafi or to the other beaches.
The boats depart from the small port on the beach of the village.
Divingcourses and other watersports are available.

Along the beach front, at the promenade, there are lots of several restaurants, taverns and snack bars to please all tastes and budgets.
During the evening and night you can choose from bars, live music, traditional Greek dancing and modern disco clubs.

The outdoor cinema, the only one on the island, provides some nice movies.

An old winery, that of "Volcan" agency, established in 1880, has been converted to a museum of wine production.
It is presented the process of wine making, as well as the equipment and machinery used, traditional artefacts etc.

Kamari is well connected by public bus with Fira and the rest of the island.
Especially in summer the bus service runs every 15 minutes.
Travel agencies and rent-a-car facilities are also available, and there is always the alternative of taxi or private car.
You can find various shops for gifts and souvenirs, but also for your needs during vacation.
A medical center is available in case of health problems.

Culture: Completely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1956, Kamari was and is the most important strategic point on the island of santorini, after the decline of Akrrotiri of ancient times.
Nearby the village is the archaeological site of Acient Thera. Even in the village itself, recent archeological sites have been found.
Also of interest in Kamari is the Church of Panaghia Eskopi , which was built in 1100.
The best time to visit the church is on august 15th during the feast of the Virgin Mary, when the church celebrates with a large Jazz festival, known as the "Kamariano Panighyri".
Various cultural activities take place during this month.
You are invited to join in on the merrymaking with plenty of food, dancing and singing taking place.
A local feast, also in honor of Virgin Mary ("Panaghia Myrtidiotissa") takes place on September 24th. The church Panaghia Mirtidiotissa celebrates with a festival, where again the tourists are invited to dine and wine with the inhibitants.
However, as Kamari is one of the spots of attraction in Santorini, it is advised to book soon enough your accomodation, especially during August.
Under the guidance of the island's elders, you will feel comfortable at our place

Mantha & Stephanos Chalaris